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8/May/2018 Press

SHIMA SEIKI Joins the MIT Media Lab to Explore New Technologies

SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. (headquarters: Wakayama city, Wakayama prefecture, Japan; president: Mitsuhiro Shima) has joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab (Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A; hereinafter called "MIT Media Lab") as a Consortium Lab Member. Through its collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, SHIMA SEIKI seeks to explore next-generation technologies that open up new opportunities for the garment sector.

The fashion apparel industry is currently facing paradigm changes due to market trends that are no longer based on traditional values, as well as uncertainties that reflect the rapidly changing global economy. Within such a market environment the need arises for providing consumers with a consistent supply of quality items at appropriate price points based on advanced trends.

At the MIT Media Lab, the fusion of art and science as well as engineering and design are the basis for state-of-the-art research that leads the world in various fields. Meanwhile the knit/apparel industry which SHIMA SEIKI mainly serves is itself based on that very same synthesis of design and technology.

As a member of the Media Lab, SHIMA SEIKI aims to continue its innovation in the fashion apparel industry, and to better society in the future as it presses ahead with its corporate motto since its founding: "Ever Onward."

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