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20/June/2019 Press SDS

Launch of SHIMA SEIKI Online Services

Leading computerized knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan has launched a new portal site "SHIMA SEIKI Online Services (a.k.a 'SHIMA online')" that collectively introduces its various web-based services.

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Taking advantage of IoT technology, SHIMA SEIKI supports its users in all stages of the product supply chain through various web-based services, ranging from fashion trend information and archive of knit samples to production management and training support. Details of each service are as follow.

1. Shima KnitPLM (New content)
The Shima KnitPLM website features the world's first PLM system dedicated to the flat knitting industry. Shima KnitPLM connects SHIMA SEIKI products with the customer's core systems such as ERP and SCM using the latest IoT technology, and ensures traceability and improved productivity throughout the value chain. In addition, seamless data link among software eliminates the need for data input at each stage, achieving workflow automation and labor savings.

2. FAQ (New content)
Frequently asked questions about SHIMA SEIKI products are answered, eliminating the need for direct inquiry. A search function is available for searching topics using key words. Furthermore some questions are answered in an easy-to-understand manner through the use of videos. The range of products handled by FAQ will expand continually.

3. Users’ Site
An archive of approx. 10,000 original knit samples is available for free viewing by SHIMA SEIKI users. Users may purchase knitting data as well. 

4. staf
A web service for inspiring creativity in the fashion industry, staf features an impressive volume of archive data including collection photos, fabrics, designs, illustrations, patterns and more. Information can be organized using tools that are intuitive and easy to operate for effective product planning.
New to staf is knit content based on trend and market information for the next season. Data that can be used with the SDS-ONE APEX series design system is available, such as knit designs, patterns and 3D simulation data, enabling faster product development.

5. yarnbank (Coming Soon)
yarnbank is a website for searching and downloading digital yarn data that can be used for virtual sampling on the SDS-ONE APEX series 3D design system, free of charge. Downloading yarn data reduces the need for scanning yarns manually, while accuracy of simulations and efficiency of product planning is improved. For the yarn company, yarnbank provides a brand new channel for sales promotion. With yarnbank, the entire supply chain from yarn companies and apparel companies to knit manufacturers can be connected digitally.

6. SHIMA SEIKI E-learning (Coming Soon)
Up until now training for SHIMA SEIKI products could only be performed at an authorized training center, but with online training users can take classes for SHIMA SEIKI products whenever or wherever convenient, at their own pace. Basic Knitting and Design System Courses are available in a number of languages, for PC and other smart devices.

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