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13/December/2019 Press SDS

SHIMA SEIKI opens official SNS pages

SHIMA SEIKI has opened its official pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: SHIMA SEIKI Official

The official SHIMA SEIKI Facebook page features the latest reports on products and exhibitions as well as other updates not found on the SHIMA SEIKI Website.

Instagram: Virtual Sample

The Virtual Sample Instagram page is dedicated to one of SHIMA SEIKI's biggest contributions to sustainable fashion. Virtual sampling is based on realistic simulations generated on our SDS-ONE APEX series, aimed at replacing actual production samples in the sample-making process, which is known as one of the biggest sources of waste in the apparel industry. Here we introduce various examples of virtual samples in both 2D and 3D to show just how realistic our simulations can actually be. Posts consist of original SHIMA SEIKI designs, as well as reposts from other APEX series users.

Instagram: WHOLEGARMENT Official

The official WHOLEGARMENT page on Instagram features basic information about seam-free, sustainable WHOLEGARMENT knitwear, focusing on its many benefits as they appeal to consumers, as well as introductions to the latest samples and knitting techniques.

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