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22/April/2021 Press SDS

yarnbank Opens Spring/Summer 2022 Feature Page

Flat knitting solutions provider SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan is pleased to announce the opening of a special page featuring new and recommended products for spring/summer 2022 by yarn manufacturers participating in the digital yarn sourcing web service "yarnbank".

With recent difficulties in holding or participating in physical trade fairs and exhibitions related to yarns and materials, as well as implementation of new work styles such as teleworking and telecommuting, digitalization in all processes from product planning and sourcing to production and retail sales has become an urgent issue, forcing changes in the way information is collected and products are promoted.

The new yarnbank Spring/Summer 2022 Feature Page connects yarn manufacturers with designers, brands and apparel companies online as an alternative to meeting face-to-face and researching and presenting yarns at physical exhibitions. When business conditions improve in the future, yarnbank will continue to present such features to meet the needs of customers looking for new discoveries by complementing existing trade fairs.

yarnbank presents Spring/Summer 2022 Feature Page

What is yarnbank?

yarnbank is the world's first online web service for searching and viewing the latest yarns, developed in cooperation with yarn companies from around the world. Registered users have free access to the yarnbank archive of yarn information and digital yarn data. Users can also download yarn data for free, for use in fabric simulation and virtual sampling on APEXFiz and SDS-ONE APEX4, avoiding the need to scan yarn on their own. By using yarn that is used in actual production, knit manufacturers and apparel companies can furthermore rest assured that the simulations created using yarnbank are not merely realistic images but accurate representations using yarn that can actually be purchased and used in production.

yarnbank also serves as a new promotional platform for yarn companies with the opportunity to present their yarns directly to their customers. In that respect, yarn companies can reduce their dependence on traditional sample books as a means to promote their products, saving time, cost and material and doing their part for sustainability. yarnbank brings together each player in the supply chain—spinner, knit manufacturer and apparel company—and connects them digitally.

Feature page:
yarnbank presents Spring/Summer 2022 Feature Page


Target season:
Spring/Summer 2022

No. of participating yarn manufacturers:
31 companies

Viewing requirement:
Feature Page can be accessed freely. Visitors must register and log in to yarnbank to view yarn information and download digital yarns. Registration is free.

For more information please contact:

Tel: +81 73 474 8210


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