Fusion Museum
Fusion Museum
Fusion Museum
Fusion Museum
Fusion Museum
Fusion Museum

Experience the Fun of Manufacturing and Foster Your Dreams

A number of knitting machines are on display, including the world's first knitting machine and the world's fastest flat knitting machine.

One of the reasons why we operate the "Fusion Museum" is to teach children, who are in charge of the future, about the history of knitting and important knitting machines, a part of Shima Seiki's valuable heritage. We hope this museum provides a space for younger generations to "dream," evoking creativity and curiosity through feelings of "Why?."

Floor Map

Floor Map Floor Map

Experience Corner

Let's Make Gloves

Let's make gloves

The gloves are completed when you pedal the experience-type glove knitting machine "Amita-kun" for 5 minutes. Check on the screen how far the gloves have been completed. The calorie consumption is also displayed.

  • One glove: 100 yen
Experience-type glove knitting machine

Let's Make an Original Knit

Let's make an original knit Experience-type glove knitting machine

You can choose from the following:

  • Coaster: 300 yen
  • Scarf: 600 yen
  • Small cushion cover: 600 yen

The yarn material varies according to the season.

SHIMA SEIKI's design system

Design knit patterns and colors with the SHIMA SEIKI design system.

Experience-type WHOLEGARMENT computerized flat knitting machines

Complete by pedaling the bike of the experience type WHOLEGARMENT computerized flat knitting machines. The scarf takes about 15 minutes and the small cushion takes about 25 minutes.


Art Club

Art Club

Art club

Let's challenge manufacturing with "the only one in the world" using a dedicated computer.

Hours of Operation
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 to 12:00
13:30 to 17:00

Basic Information

FORTE WAJIMA 3rd floor, 2-1 Honmachi, Wakayama City
Hours of Operation
10:00 to 19:00
Holiday Closures
January 1st to 3rd


Only in Japanese


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