Carbon Fiber/Composite Material/Industrial Material

Computerized Cutting Machine(Fixed-Type Cutting Surface) P-CAM100C/120C/160C/180C

NC Cutting Machine
(Fixed-Type Cutting Surface)

Computerized Cutting Machine(Fixed-Type Cutting Surface)P-CAM100C/120C/160C/180C


Cutting area: 1,000mm × 880mm/1,180mm × 880mm/1,600mm × 880mm/1,800mm × 880mm (extendable in 912mm increments)

Cutting thickness: Drag knife: 1 piece(1mm)/Reciprocating knife: 10mm/Ultrasonic knife: 20mm

Features: Highly Accurate Cutting/Knife Cleaning (Optional)/Double-Cut Prevention Function/Labeling Unit (Optional)/Cutting Table Brush/Touch-Sensitive Control Monitor/Stop Units/P-EDITOR (Optional)/Projector (Optional)

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