Andari Fashion

WHOLEGARMENT knitting shortens
lead time and improves quality
in high-end knit production.

Andari Fashion Inc.

In the world's largest consumer nation of knitted products, the United States, in the state of California, knitwear manufacturer Andari Fashion produces high-end knitwear for major American department stores and specialty retailers.

Having installed WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines, Andari Fashion not only breaks from the convention of labor-intensive production, but also significantly reduces lead time, successfully manufacturing consistent, high-quality, high-value-added knit products that are Made in the USA. WHOLEGARMENT is the key to overcoming the challenges associated with conventional knit manufacturing.

Andari Fashion Inc.

Andari Fashion Inc.

Established 1991
Location California, USA
Type of business Production of high-end knitted products

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