Ozeki-Ki Nenshi

Starting from scratch with WHOLEGARMENT knitting has resulted
in a unique business model with high customer satisfaction.

Ozeki Supporter by Ozeki-Ki Nenshi Co.

Ozeki Supporter is a knitwear brand launched by Ozeki-Ki Nenshi spinning company in 2017, with the aim to diversify and break free from subcontract work by dealing directly with consumers. Starting from scratch, the knit business has been producing products with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

From planning and manufacturing to sales, each item is carefully knit in-house and fine-tuned to fit the customer in a way that ready-made products cannot.

Ozeki-Ki Nenshi

Ozeki-Ki Nenshi Co.

Founded 1955
Location Aichi, Japan
Type of business Yarn manufacturing and knit product manufacturing

We can tailor solutions to fit each customer's requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.

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