For design planning and virtual sampling, SDS-ONE APEX series is most appropriate.


All-in-One design system

SHIMA SEIKI has developed the SDS®-ONE APEX series 3D design system
through its extensive experience and know-how in the field of fashion technology.
In addition to programming of knitting machines and pattern CAD functions,
SDS®-ONE APEX series incorporates software specialized in textile design and simulation
including flat knitting, circular knitting, printing and weaving.

Development of Design System

Development of Design System

Beginning with the SDS-1000 announced in 1981, the SHIMA SEIKI design system has evolved continuously, reaching the original SDS®-ONE APEX system in 2007.
With SDS®-ONE APEX our goals have shifted toward digitization and accelerated speeds using advanced simulation technology. The SDS®-ONE APEX series continues to grow as a platform for supporting creative manufacturing.



Highly accurate simulation

  • Quality that approaches the real thing
  • Scan and simulate real yarn
  • Minimize actual sample-making
  • Shorten product development lead time
  • Enhance product planning and EC sales

Full-featured functions

  • High efficiency unique to specialized functions
  • Auto-suggest function automatically generates colorways and designs
  • Pattern making function can be used for industrial designs in addition to knitwear and apparel products
  • Accurate knit programming from shaping to WHOLEGARMENT® is possible
  • Assistance from operation guide makes it easy for beginners and professionals alike

At the core of the supply chain

  • All-in-one support from planning and design to production and even sales promotion
  • By using SDS®-ONE APEX during each process, yarn spinners, apparel brands and manufacturers can all be connected digitally to yield minimum waste and maximum profits
Virtual Sampling

Virtual Sampling

SHIMA SEIKI's SDS®-ONE APEX series 3D design system
realizes digitalization and acceleration of the product development
process using the highest-quality,
high-definition virtual samples.



Continuously evolving software offers strong support
for quicker, easier programming for knit production.

Package software features SHIMA SEIKI's collective
know-how, making programming easy especially for
complex patterns such as WHOLEGARMENT®.

The user-friendly menu uses diagrams
for easy recognition of knitting methods.

Product Introduction

Product Information

Download SDS®-ONE APEX series catalogues here.

Big Tree

Big Tree

SHIMA SEIKI designs, develops and manufactures a variety of products that enhance textile manufacturing.
The SDS®-ONE APEX series is at the core, connecting all of these machines, branching out to each process like a big tree. The planning, production and sales stages are linked with one another without interruption, resulting in a more efficient cycle of manufacturing high quality products.


Partners who share our vision for better design solutions

alvanon coats_digital swatchbook

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

By linking SHIMA SEIKI products and solutions,
we have overhauled the plan-produce-sell process
in the manufacturing of apparel products.

The three phases now interact to form a synergy
that realizes smart, speedy and sustainable production.

planning Sales Production

User Support by SHIMA SEIKI

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

SHIMA SEIKI has established a user support system worldwide. Customers can use our products with reassurance from a comprehensive maintenance program, training programs suited to each customer's needs, and a steady, long-term supply of genuine parts.

SHIMA online

SHIMA online

The SHIMA SEIKI Online Services portal site is a one-stop source for accessing various web-based services.
From fashion information and SHIMA KnitManager™ to sample data downloads, FAQs and tutorials, we support our users in all stages of the product supply chain.

We can tailor solutions to fit each customer's requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.

ISO9001 Certification ---SHIMA SEIKI has ISO9001 certification for Design and Manufacturing of Design Systems.

COMMISSION REGULATIONS ErP Technical Documentation ---COMMISSION REGULATION(EU) 2019/424 (ErP Lot 3)

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