The SHIMA SEIKI Group is committed to promoting the "creation of friendly products to the people and the earth,"
while contributing to environmental preservation through the development and the provision of "environmentally conscious products."
We will fulfill our social responsibilities as a global company while maintaining a balance with the environment and the society.

Environmental Management

Basic Ideas

In order to maintain our irreplaceable global environment, we believe it is one of our missions to carry out environmental preservation activities through our business and to reduce environmental burdens caused by the disposal of stock in the apparel industry. For the mission, we will use our creativity to promote corporate activities with global environmental issues in mind.

The SHIMA SEIKI Group establishes environmental action guidelines, and all employees actively work on planned and efficient operation and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

Based on the corporate philosophy of "Ever Onward," SHIMA SEIKI is focused on developing and providing attractive products and services that anticipate user needs by demonstrating "creativity." We will strive to improve product quality and customer satisfaction based on SHIMA SEIKI Spirit that we will develop products with the most advanced technologies and offer them at the most affordable prices. In addition to promoting "people-friendly, earth-friendly product creation," we will contribute to environmental preservation through the development and provision of "environmentally conscious products" and fulfill our social responsibilities as a global company. For this reason, all employees, under the president, always keep in mind the "10 Product Development Concepts," actively addressing the planned and efficient operation of the quality and environmental management system and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • We promote factory greening and work on product manufacturing that takes the surrounding environment/community into consideration.
  • We contribute to environmental conservation in the user industry through the development and provision of "environmentally conscious products."
  • We make effective use of resources, reduce waste and reuse it, and promote the use of renewable energy.
  • We strive to grasp the information on chemical substances contained in raw materials and make recommendations for environmental impacts by chemical substances contained in products and pollution prevention.
  • We comply with legal requirements such as national and local governments, and respond to customers/communities and other requirements.
  • We post a basic environmental policy and environmental action guidelines in the company so that all of our employees understand and execute them.
  • We set environmental goals for each division and manage goals to achieve the basic environmental policy and environmental action guidelines.
  • We confirm the appropriateness and necessity of review of environmental management system and decide basic environmental policy and environmental action guidelines in order to make the basic environmental policy and environmental action guidelines consistent with the direction of our business.
  • We publish the basic environmental policy and environmental action guidelines to the public.

Obtaining ISO 14001

For all products we design, manufacture, and sell, we have obtained "ISO 14001 Third Party Certification by External Certificate Authority" for all such headquarters operations. (Certification obtained: October 1, 2015)
The management indicators include the provision of "environmentally conscious products" including the WHOLEGARMENT computerized flat knitting machiness and design systems as well as reduction of various environmental burdens, factory greening, promotion of use of renewable energy, and we will contribute to global environmental conservation through business activities.

Environment Conservation Activities

We strive for a harmonious coexistence between people and nature, with goals that include achieving zero-emission, promoting 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle), and reducing CO2. In order to solve environmental problems related to business activities including the development of business, we always try to actively reduce environmental burdens.

Factory Greening

Factory greening

Around 30% of approx. 160, 000 square meters (3 times the size of the Tokyo Dome) is the green area.

Interaction with local communities

We are actively engaged in "greening" the company, planting approximately 12,000 trees, making approximately 30% of the site "green space," and contributing to CO2 reduction.

In recognition of such comprehensive factory greening and the contribution to local greening, SHIMA SEIKI was awarded the "Prime Minister's Award for Contributions to Greening Efforts" in 2016.

Solar Power Generation

Solar power generation

Enhancing the blessings of nature

Since 2002, we have introduced a large-scale solar power generation system at each factory and are promoting the reduction of energy consumption.

A solar power generation system of about 2,180 kW is operated by the total output of the group, aiming at reducing 10% of electricity used in the factory and creating natural energy.

In-House Activities

EMS (Environmental Management System) Committee
EMS (Environmental Management System) Committee

Quality and Environmental Management Conference

Information sharing aimed at environmental conservation

We regularly hold an "EMS (Environment Management System) Committee" consisting of committee members from each department to exchange opinions among divisions and to discuss the contents of initiatives in each division to reduce environmental burdens.

Activities to Reduce Power Consumption

Review of facilities and what we can do

We are promoting reduction of power consumption by changing in-house lighting to LED lighting equipment.

In addition, by reviewing the installed number of air conditioning equipment when updating is required, we are making efforts to create a comfortable working environment by improving the efficiency of air circulation, while reducing the power consumption and the costs related to capital investment.

At the same time, by carrying out an in-house patrol, we confirm the appropriate illumination control of the lighting and thoroughly control the temperature in summer and winter.

Efforts to Reduce Packing Materials

Targeting zero-emissions

In packing materials at the time of delivery, while ensuring safety, we realize simplification of packing by reducing the quantity of materials, downsizing, and weight saving, in cooperation with related partners.

Efforts in Export Packing of Flat Knitting Machines

Conventional Packing

Iron skid + reinforced cardboard (case packing)

Iron skid + reinforced cardboard (case packing)

After Improvement

Iron/wooden skid (barrier packing)

Iron/wooden skid (barrier packing)

In consideration of safety, the packing form is partly changed. For small and lightweight flat knitting machines, iron skids realize a smaller size and a lighter weight. The container loading efficiency is also improved.

Iron skid before improvement

Iron skid before improvement

Iron skid after improvement

Iron skid after improvement

Approx. 70% weight reduction

Reducing waste
Reusing materials
Reducing materials
Saving space
Reducing environmental burden

Regarding packing materials, iron and cardboard can be recycled at the destination. In addition, because the packing materials are easier to handle due to weight saving and compactness, they are easier to reuse at the time of machine relocation, etc., leading to the safe relocation of products.

Promotion of In-House Green Purchasing

Environmentally-conscious procurement

We are promoting "green purchasing" that preferentially purchases environmentally-conscious products and is striving to reduce environmental burden. We are aiming to achieve 100% of green purchasing.

Green Purchasing Expenses (%)

Percentage of Green Purchasing Compliant Products (FY2022)

Compliant products: 99%

Noncompliant products: 1%

Caring about Limited Resources

Digitization of information

By digitizing stored documents with paper media, using electronic equipment such as projectors for efficient conferences that reduce distributed documents, and converting data of process management in manufacturing divisions, etc., we aim to reduce paper usage within the company and to promote sharing of information.

Even when using paper, we adopt methods that reduce environmental burdens, such as using innovative printing methods and recycled paper.

Providing Information

Providing Information

Fusion Museum

Creating opportunities to think about the environment

We are introducing the mechanism to reduce environmental burden by our company's creative craftsmanship as well as information provision on "cloth culture" by exhibiting at environment related events etc. and at our Fusion Museum.
We provide information that you can see, touch, and feel, by setting up a place where you can experience our design system.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Under the SHIMA SEIKI spirit of "developing products with the most advanced technologies and offering them at the most affordable prices," we aim to create products that can contribute to the sustainable development of society.

In 2017, the MACH2XS series of WHOLEGARMENT computerized flat knitting machiness received the Japan Machinery Federation President's Award at the 38th Energy-Efficient Machinery Awards for knitting machines that knit "WHOLEGARMENT friendly to people and the earth."