Social Contribution Activities

As a corporate citizen of society, the SHIMA SEIKI Group actively promotes activities such as social contribution activities and supports business activities that are beneficial to society, such as developing useful products. By promoting activities in various fields, we aim to become "a company that is indispensable to the world" by opening up social difficulties.

Cultural and Educational Activities

Establishment of a Museum

Fusion Museum

Encouraging abundant creativity

Participation in an industry-university cooperation project

Participation in industry-university cooperation project

Agreement adjustment formula with Wakayama University in 2017

Human resources development aiming for the revitalization of industries in Wakayama

For the goal of supporting young people who intend to start a business in Wakayama prefecture, we concluded an agreement on industry-university cooperation to support Wakayama University and the students' practical training in 2017.

We accept practical long-term internship students utilizing our knitting machines and design systems and aiming for entrepreneurship. We are working on the revitalization of local industries to convey the necessary know-how and to become a place for human resources to contribute to Wakayama in the future.

Sponsorship for RoboCup Junior

Sponsorship for RoboCup Junior

RoboCup Junior Japan Open

Providing opportunities for children to enjoy creative craftsmanship

The annual RoboCup Junior Japan Open was held in Wakayama City and it was co-sponsored as the "SHIMA SEIKI CUP."

RoboCup is regarded as the highest domestic competition where children design, produce and compete autonomous robots, integrating robotics and artificial intelligence. The tournament aims to encourage more children to realize the enjoyment of creative craftsmanship and to support the dreams of children who will be responsible for the next generation. We believe this is a meaningful opportunity to provide a space to foster communication with colleagues and competitive spirits, as well as to improve children's knowledge about programming.

Accepting Student Work Experience

Accepting student's work experience

Employment experience through internships

Promoting youth the motivation to work

As part of community contribution, we accept internships for junior high school, high school, and university students. We aim to improve students' motivation to work and provide opportunities for employment experiences at various sites.

Supporting Overseas Educational Institutions

Support for overseas educational institutions


Training engineers in a global service system

As our company has a high percentage of overseas sales, we support the training of overseas engineers. We have established educational institutions for training engineers in major countries of overseas sales of our products such as the SHIMA SEIKI R&D CENTER at Shanghai University.

Sponsorship for Sports Promotion

Sponsorship for sports promotion

Photo provided by Taketoshi Yamazaki

Contributing to society through sports

The "SHIMA SEIKI CUP" is a yacht race held in Wakaura Bay since 2003, and we have sponsored a special involvement every year. In addition to providing the appeals of Wakayama, we are striving to promote sports.

Introducing Food Culture

Introducing food culture

Introducing "food" culture to Wakayama

When we consider the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, as a flat knitting machine manufacturer, we have contributed to society in the field of "clothing." In addition, we aim to expand to the field of "food," by enriching people's hearts and spreading the appeals of food culture to Wakayama.

Local Community Initiatives

Aesthetic City Planning/Volunteer Clean-Up Activities

Aesthetic city planning/Volunteer clean-up activities

Volunteer clean-up activities in 2019

Interaction with Local Communities

We are focusing on improving the surrounding environment, such as making the electrical wire of the road around the headquarters underground and providing part of the site as a sidewalk for pedestrian safety.

Also, with the aim of raising awareness for environmental protection, employees volunteer to participate in organized clean-ups around Wakayama City to keep local historic sites clean.

Forest conservation activities

forest conservation

Foster a local natural environment

We are a participating member of the Wakayama Prefecture's "Corporate Forest" project, having signed an agreement with the prefecture and local governments in December 2019 to work on forest conservation activities for the "SHIMA SEIKI Amano Community Forest" in Katsuragi Town, Wakayama over the next 10 years.

Disaster Relief Activities

Disaster relief activities

Supporting reconstruction in areas affected by natural disasters

The reconstruction of disaster areas

For areas damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes, heavy rain, and typhoons, we organize various activities to support reconstruction.

We supported reconstruction during natural disasters including the West Japan floods in July 2018, Typhoon No. 12 in Wakayama Prefecture in 2011, and The Great East Japan Earthquake, by supplying donated money and organizing volunteer activities. Inside the company, we also set up a donation box to deliver the kindness of each employee to the disaster areas.

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